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On the Go!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Welcome to our blog, "On the Go!" Here you will find regular updates about our organization's events past and present. We have done a lot in a lot of places, and there is still so much to do! We hope that you not only find the stories told here moving and inspiring in your own life, but also that as you read them you take action. As I said, we gratefully and humbly acknowledge the achievements of our communities, families, and students as well as our volunteers, but making creating locally led sustainability in impoverished communities requires hands and dollars. We ask that you take action whether it is donating time or funds to bring the mission to fruition: to empower the marginalized to change the world. These blogs will follow four titles: "Blast from the Past", "Neighborhood News", "Future Features", and "Profiles in Power". Though our organization has only officially been in existence since 2018, our stories and the work leading into the organization's creation date back to 2008. Even then, we still have a lot of achievements in only the last four years, with many stories that you might not know. These will be told under "Blast from the Past". The posts under "Neighborhood News" will, as the title implies, explain updates with programming and urgent situations that come up in the communities we serve. With "Future Features", we will inform you of upcoming community events, opportunities to volunteer locally and abroad, and fundraising events such as banquets, trivia nights, races, jiu jitsu tournaments, etc. There will be sign up links and info as well. "Profiles in Power" will highlight people our organization works with whether they are community members, volunteers, staff, or board members. We look forward to seeing you here, and again we hope that this helps you to navigate our posts and to stay informed about who and where we serve and what our communities have accomplished around the world!

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