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Go! International exists to create locally led self-sustainability in impoverished communities through education, entrepreneurship, and athletics. We believe that the people of the community are the solution to its problems, and by walking beside them and strengthening them through programs that build human capital, they can move their communities in whatever direction they dream. Our network includes people from over 70 countries with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources along with the desire to see others succeed.


Embark on a transformative voyage with Go! International as we empower communities worldwide. From humble beginnings in East St. Louis to expanding horizons in Nicaragua, our initiatives foster local leadership and drive positive change. Explore our programs in literacy, athletics, entrepreneurship, and skills development, and discover how you can make a difference. Together, let's create a brighter future for all. Click to learn more.

International Empowerment


Join us in making a difference! Volunteer your time and skills with us to create positive change in our community. Together, we can inspire hope, support those in need, and build a brighter future. Get involved today!

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East St Louis, IL, USA



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Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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